Why Move to Nashville

Moving to Nashville might just be the best decision you ever make. If you’re not yet sure Music City is where you belong, consider the fact that our city is consistently ranked in the top ten best places to live and work in America. We wouldn’t receive that accolade if it weren’t true. On top of that, Nashville enjoys a relatively low cost of living—one of the lowest in the country, to be exact.

The metro area is filled with plenty of world-class restaurants and shops, but you’ll never feel swallowed by the city. Instead, Nashville will wrap you warmly in southern comfort and make you feel like you’ve always belonged. No matter what you miss from home, you’ll find something just like it—or maybe even better—right here in Music City.

Nashville is home to quite a few universities, including the celebrated Vanderbilt. This prestigious school turns out some of the nations finest young professionals each year, specifically those in the medical field. Belmont University, while certainly a brilliant school for various degrees, holds a special distinction for music, which is only fitting in such a music-oriented town.

Not only are we home to these internationally known colleges, but Nashville is also the headquarters for multiple national and worldwide companies. You’ll find Nissan, Dollar General, HCA, and Community Health Systems all right here, and that doesn’t even touch the entertainment industry.

So what are you waiting for? This gorgeous, vibrant, exciting city is just begging to be your new home.

A Brief History of Nashville

While history may not be your “thing,” there’s no way you can deny Nashville’s is fascinating. From the very beginning, we’ve been the Music City, as the earliest settlers played fiddles and danced in celebration. Those settlers started putting down roots as early as the late 1700s, fanning out from the famed Fort Nashborough.

As the city grew, it became known as a center for music publishing. Anyone with a love for music simply gravitated toward Nashville, gathering together and sharing their talents. One of the most famous of those music groups was the Fisk Jubilee Singers, who had the distinct honor of performing for the Queen of England. An even greater honor, those musicians helped to fund Fisk University’s mission to educate freed slaves after the Civil War.

Since then, Nashville has been home to some of music’s most famous personalities. Those who weren’t born here or didn’t live here found some reason to visit. The Vienna Orchestra and John Phillip Sousa both performed at the Ryman Auditorium, helping the venue earn the nickname “Carnegie Hall of the South.” Our legacy lives on in the musicians who still call Music City home, from Faith Hill and Taylor Swift to Ben Folds and Jack White.

We’ve become a city that embraces culture and learning with open arms—one that learns from our mistakes and strives to be an example through our love for all music, art, culture, and history. Our roots are strong, and they get stronger every day.

Nashville’s Getting Some Attention

Trying to include all the accolades Nashville has received over the past few years would be impossible, but there are quite a few we really hold dear. Those, you should definitely know about. For instance, did you know Travel + Leisure named Nashville one of “America’s Favorite Cities in 2013”? Or that Nashville is in the top ten “Most Popular Cities for Millennials,” according to Forbes?

The awards don’t end there. USA Today readers named Nashville #4 on the list of “Best US Cities for Shopping,” and Men’s Fitness says Nashville is one of the “Best Places to Party in America.” We’re not all about spending money and enjoying the nightlife, though. The Development Counselors International named Nashville #2 of the “10 Most Compassionate US Cities.”

We also like to be “green,” and USA Today noticed, naming us one of the Best Urban Green Spaces in North America. Travel + Leisure also says we’re in the top 20 for America’s Greenest Cities.

Our restaurants also get a lot of recognition, topping dozens of “Best Of” lists around the world every year. Rolf & Daughters is just the latest award winner, at #3 in Bon Appetit’s list of “Best New Restaurants in American in 2013.” The Holland House, Bella Napoli, the Catbird Seat, The Pharmacy Burger Parlor, and Lockeland Table all found their ways on to more foodie lists, too.

And let’s not even get started on the music. You know Nashville hits those top 10 lists for live music venues every time someone attempts to organize a new, fresh collection. Rolling Stone, Travel + Leisure, and GQ all agree. In fact, the only way for Livability.com to give any other city a chance was to name their list “Top 10 Best Music Scenes Outside Nashville.” We think that says everything that needs to be said.