Nashville Parks

Music City has no shortage of green space, as long as you know where to look. Some of the parks are magnets for Nashville residents when the weather is nice, while others are perfect for little league practice or playing with the kids. This list will help you find the one closest to home.

Centennial Park

Perhaps the largest park in Nashville, Centennial is the perfect spot to while away a sunny afternoon. The full-sized replica of the Parthenon brings tourists from all over, but residents are there to simply enjoy the lush gardens, open fields, and covered picnic areas. The park is huge, but it does get busy, so don’t be surprised if you have trouble finding parking.

Cumberland Park

Part of the riverfront revitalization plan, Cumberland Park is the perfect spot for families to enjoy some free time. Plenty of playgrounds and unique play structures are scattered around, as well as a huge fountain where the young and young at heart can cool off on the hottest days.

Warner Parks

Edwin Warner and Percy Warner Parks span 2684 acres of rolling hills and forest on the west side of Nashville. The hiking trails, athletic fields, and golf courses bring people out in all weather to enjoy activity. In addition to the beautiful nature, the parks also feature historic entrance structures that will steal your breath.

Fort Nashborough

Though there’s not a playground in sight, Fort Nashborough is still a fun place for the kids. The fort established before Nashville even became a city will challenge the minds and stimulate the imaginations of visitors of all ages. The tours are self-guided, but you’ll find plenty of information to share with little ones on your way through the park.

Nashville Golf

Golf in Nashville isn’t hard to find, but you will have to choose between public and private courses. Fortunately, the city even features at least seven public courses, so anyone can play.

Percy Warner Golf

Located in Percy Warner Park, this course is one of the favorites for residents of the Belle Meade area. The rolling hills and plentiful trees make for a challenging course.

Vinny Links Golf

East Nashville’s golf course sees plenty of action each year. The course is open to the public and features plenty of water traps, obstacles, and gorgeous scenery.

Two Rivers Golf

Located near the Opryland Hotel, this is a popular spot for visitors. The public course allows anyone to play when they’re in town, so be sure you pack your clubs.

Gaylord Springs Golf Links

Also a popular choice among visitors, Gaylord Springs is one of the most visited in the area. Be sure to check schedules before visiting, as this course is often used for charity events, too.